You Need What?

When a applicant engages us to abetment with adaptation of - let’s say - a user chiral for one of their products, it will be all-important for us to ask them for a lot of advice so that we will be in the position to accommodate the best akin of account possible. For example, for a individual user manual, actuality is a accepted account of what we need - both informationally and in attention to cyberbanking files:


  • Target language(s)
  • Target locale(s)
  • Target audience(s)
  • Planned advertisement date
  • Applicant analysis or none
  • Context of the certificate (how it will be used)
  • Advertisement aisle (printed, Web, desktop, on DVD/CD)


  • Blueprint files
  • Images
  • Layered artwork for images
  • Fonts
  • Control PDF
  • PDF press specifications

These lists are not all-embracing either. They aswell don’t reflect the questions we may accept about specific advice independent in the document.

So, why is all this necessary? Actuality is some acumen into why we analytical translators may sometimes complete like advanced four-year-olds…

Target languages and locales

This may assume accessible to many, but oftentimes some of our audience aren’t absolutely abiding which accent they may charge or that altered locales abide for a accustomed language. A acclaimed archetype is French. Our aboriginal catechism about French is, “French for Europe or Canada?” (There are abounding added locales area French is used, but this is the a lot of accepted acumen for our clientele). It’s important for us to apperceive the specific area so that we can bout the adaptation to the actual bounded requirements.

Client analysis or none

Advanced Accent offers applicant analysis at no added amount as continued as we accept accounted for the timing and beheading of how a applicant will undertake analysis for a accurate project. When, how and by whom a analysis will be done all appulse the amount and scheduling of a project. By alive the specifics up front, we can devise the a lot of cost- and time-effective action for a accurate project.

Context of the document

Typically a user adviser is artlessly a user guide. Oftentimes, a white paper, for example, is not a white paper. It’s a business piece. The acumen can be analytical for translation. White affidavit are abstruse documents. The appearance is dry with a accurate tone. If the ambition is to use it to bazaar a product, again the accent needs to about-face and the appearance needs to be added intriguing. If we are not acquainted of how the certificate will be used, we will not be able to bear a adaptation that is adapted for the advised purpose. That’s why we charge to ask up front.

In attention to “assets”, i.e. the cyberbanking files we charge to backpack out adaptation and layout, we admit that it ability yield ample accomplishment for audience to access all the pieces we ask for. Oftentimes, we are asked, “Can’t you just plan from the PDF file?” The acknowledgment is “Maybe”. Sometimes if all you charge is to accept what an commodity says, again we can plan from the PDF and accommodate just the translated content. In this case the architecture isn’t important; alone the advice is.

If the certificate in catechism is a ample chiral or blatant business piece, architecture is critical. Re-incurring the amount of recreating the blueprint from blemish can be abhorred if the aboriginal layouts are available.

The account of questions we may ask can sometimes be daunting, but be assured we’re not accomplishing it for our convenience. The questions announce that there may be a bigger way to access a project, and we’re artlessly aggravating to acquisition the best advantage for advice in the a lot of time- and cost-effective way.

– translation technical